For the most part, it’s all about basenjis at the National Specialty. But for many, the chance to see a different part of the country is reason enough to plan a trip, with their basenjis, and visit Arizona.

Tucson is Truly Unique

Rich in history and located in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson features miles of cactus & vegetation found no other place on the earth. Who hasn’t seen a Western movie, filled with cowboys, rough terrain, those huge saguaro cactus and an endlessly clear blue sky? Those images are firmly ingrained because so many movies & television shows that depict the West were filmed in Tucson.

There’s lots of things to do in Tuscon, and the Tucson Convention & Tourist Bureau is the best place to start. They present a wealth of  information about the area, what to see, where to go, events & more.

If you’re bringing family who may not want to have an all about basenjis week (imagine that!) here’s a list of great places to visit while in Tucson.

  • Sonora Desert Museum
    See native wildlife in their natural settings – Go early and visit when the animals active. This is an institution dedicated to researching & protecting the land, plant life, & animals of the Sonoran desert.
  • Saguaro National Monument
    Forests of the saguaro & organ pipe cactus. These giants are abound in both Monument locations. Of the two locations, many feel that Tucson Mountain should be the first pick for visitors to the area.
  • Old Tucson
    Immortalized in more than 400 films and commercial productions, it’s the region’s premiere film location.
  • Pima Air & Space Museum
    One of the largest aviation museums in the world & well worth the visit.
  • Titan Missile Museum
    Tour the only remaining Titan II missile site in the USA.
  • Kartchner Caverns
    This is a beautiful cave with high tech equipment that keeps it in near pristine condition.
  • Tombstone 
    Yes, it’s that famous old western town, complete with gunfights, saloons, the graveyard & more.
  • Bisbee
    An old gold & copper mining camp, now a town, but still offers mine tours.

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Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Tucson, AZ for the 2019 National Specialty. See you in November!