Trophy Sponsorships are accepted in the order they are received. Those who pledge to sponsor a class must make payment within 10 days from requesting a specific class. If payment is not received, that class will be available to the public.

  • All class trophy sponsorships/donations must be made by  April 5th in order to be published in the Premium List.
  • All Class sponsorships received after April 5th and before the August 23rd catalog deadline will be published in the Specialty Catalog.
  • We welcome ALL donations, and although your contribution will not be in print after publication deadlines, you can continue to donate class sponsorships right up until the show begins.
  • If you are donating a prize, please make arrangements to get it to the Trophy Chair before the event.
  • All in-kind trophies MUST be listed in the premium list – Deadline  April 5th – or they MAY NOT be awarded in the ring.
  • If you are donating a prize, please make arrangements to get it to the Trophy Chairman before the event.

REMINDER: AKC’s policy on honorariums & memorials that can be published: “A dog must be deceased in order to honor that dog with a trophy or in the premium list. A person can still be living & honored, but must be retired from showing and breeding dogs.” Questions? Contact Sue Joyner

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Use the scroll bar to the right of the Sponsors column to see all the Trophy Classes & Donation options. We update this list frequently – check here to see which trophy is available.  Use the form on the top of this page to make your donation. Thank you !

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