Pickin’ & Grinnin’ in Tennessee!

Basenji National Specialty 2021

October 11 – 14  |  Lebanon, Tennessee

Basenji National Specialty 2021

October 11 – 14  |  Lebanon, Tennessee

First of all, this is NOT a picture of the trophies for the 2021 National Specialty! But we  couldn’t help finding an image of lovely trophies to make you think of beautiful trophies that will be offered at the upcoming National Specialty.  The Trophy Page is now live on the website & letting you know that you can now Sponsor a trophy.

Viewing The Trophy List

First of all, take a look at the Trophy list. It’s a spreadsheet that’s updated by our Trophy Chairman, Michelle Hogan, pretty much as soon as a Sponsorship rolls in. Use the scroll bar to the right of the Sponsors column to see all the Trophy Classes & Donation options. This is how you can check to see which trophy is available.

A note for those viewing on mobile devises, especially cell phones – we’ve learned that sometimes the list doesn’t show well on cell phones. Hint – scroll to the bottom of the list on your phone to see the left / right scroll bar  and view all the spreadsheet information. If you are unable to view the list on your mobile devise you can CLICK HERE to see the list.

What To Know About Trophies

AKC’s policy on honorariums & memorials that can be published in a catalog changed in 2017.  You are permitted to offer trophies/ribbons/prizes in memory of deceased dogs or people, OR in honor of a living person or dog.

All class trophy sponsorships/donations must be made by Friday, September 3, 2020 in order to be published in the Catalog. We will welcome ALL donations after the deadline, although your contribution will not be in print after publication deadlines. You may not know that you can donate class sponsorships right up until the show begins.

How To Sponsor A Trophy

Sponsorships are accepted in the order they are received. Look to the top of the Trophy page & you’ll see an pale orange box with the Add to Cart Button.

If a trophy is listed without a sponsor, then it’s probably available. Next is to enter the trophy you are donating, how you wish to be listed as a sponsor & any memorial you’d like inclued in this box.

The format for this entry is as follows: Trophy/Sponsor/Memorial

Example:  Best of Breed/Mr. John Smith/In Memory of Ch. Sweetie

Donation amounts are listed for each trophy offered on the Trophy List. Enter the Amount Due in the box labeled YOUR PRICE. When you click Add to Cart, the shopping cart will appear just below the Add to Cart area. We ask you to please check to see that your donor information has been entered correctly. After your purchase, you will be directed to a Thank You page. And yes, we sincerely thank you!

Specialty Prize Donations

If you wish to donate an additional prize, you must make arrangements to get it to the Trophy Chairman before the event. All in-kind trophies MUST be listed in the premium list or they MAY NOT be awarded in the ring. All additional prizes will be listed on the Trophy page too. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see these generously donated additional prizes.

Dont’ Forget . . .

The Shop is open for you to make Banquet reservations, submit Catalog Ads & pre-order you Specialty Catalog. All of your purchases are paid with any Debit or Credit Card via PayPal.  And no, you do NOT need a PayPal account to do so. Just a reminder – when you use the Shopping Cart, you can make corrections in the shopping cart at any time before checking out.  We ask you to please make sure your order is correct before you pay online.

We’re taking Auction Donations & doing club raffle baskets this year too. Let us know what you or your club will be bringing by completing our  Auction Donation Information & Form. We’d love to display your Auction Items – you can upload a photo of your item via the Donation form. We promise to post photos as soon as we get them!


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Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Lebanon, TN for the 2021 National Specialty. See you soon!