We’ve just put our first Competition Event Premium List & Entry Form online. It’s for the AKC Lure Coursing Trial & JC Test. The Premium List is a PDF so feel free to download today.

Premium Lists will be available for all events when they are ready to go and we will certainly let you know when they’re available. This includes the Specialty, the African Stock Exhibition, and the Agility Trial.

All information – entry deadline, entry fees & mailing address – will be included in the Premium Lists. Of course, you can enter events in the usual fashion, by completing your entry form & then mailing your form to the Superintendent or Trial Secretary.

Online Entries

For some events, you will be able to enter via our online Entry Forms & pay for your entries straight from the website. The AKC Lure Coursing Trial /JC Test and the African Stock Exhibition will definitly be website & user friendly.

How it Works

First, please download the Premium List & read so you know all about the Competition.  Then, you need to download the online Entry form. We’ve made them true forms so all you need to do is type in the information the form asks for. Signatures have script fonts that emulate handwriting.  When using our PDF forms, you agree that the digital signature is your authorized signature.

Complete the PDF form then send to the Event Secretary via email.  Depending on your email service, you’ll either send the form directly, or attach the file via an email  to the Event Secretary. The forms will have submit buttons that guide you through the process. With all online entries, we encourage you to print or save a copy of all your Entry Forms.

Online Entry Payment

You’ll use our shopping cart Add To Cart feature to pay for your entries.  Each payment MUST include the full name of the basenji entered to verify your entry. That’s how we keep track & verify your entry with Entry Forms. Just remember – one entry form & one payment per basenji entered.

If you are entering multiple basenjis, you must complete an entry form & submit a separate entry fee for each basenji entered. Each time you enter a new basenji, you’ll make a separate entry payment that will pop up in your Shopping cart. The cart will display what  competition you’re entering & your Basenji’s name. Do check your entry payment details in the Shopping Cart. If you need to delete or redo an entry fee payment, simply delete any incorrect line item in your cart. When you’re ready to pay, just click & follow the check out procedure.

If you enter the Lure Coursing Trial, you’ll note that when you pay online, there’s an extra choice box that says “Additional Stakes” and this is for Kennel & Breeder Stakes. We are NOT charging an additional fee for these stakes but want to keep track of these entries when they come in. You’re asked to Select in the box, they either choose your additional Stakes, or indicate No Additional. Sorry for the extra step, but it really helps us! 

We hope that our online entries for the National Specialty are efficient & convenient for everyone!

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Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Tucson, AZ for the 2019 National Specialty. See you in November!