Specialty Auction

Specialty Auction Check Out

To process buyers, type the information required in the Item Description box.

Insert the Auction Item amount in the smaller box using this format: 1.00

Click the ADD TO CART button.  The buyer shopping cart will pop up below the input box.

If you wish to enter more items for the same buyer, use the same process as described above.  The cart can process multiple items.  Continue this process to account for all items you wish to include in the transaction.

IMPORTANT: When all buyer items are recorded in the shopping cart, click the “I want to pick up from store” button. This way the buyer will NOT incur shipping charges. If this is not checked, the buyer WILL be charged a shipping fee.

When ready to check out, click the yellow CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL button.

You will be immediately redirected to the PayPal payment portal.  Buyers can choose to pay with their PayPal balance or with a Credit/Debit card.  They do NOT have to have a PayPal account.  Collect the information PayPal requires to complete the transaction. PayPal will then charge the buyer & funds will go directly to the proper National Specialty PayPal account.


Auction Item
Auction Item
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