Our online shop is getting busier. We’ve now published three more reservations for you: Preferred Grooming Spaces, Vendor Booth Spaces and Catalog Ads. This is in addition to our Logo Gear & Banquet Reservation shop items that have been available for a while. Do stop by the Shop page – make your reservations, check out the Logo Gear & get in the Specialty mood!

Catalog Ad Submissions Just Got Easier

We’ve placed Catalog Ads on the website recently. You can purchase your ad AND we’ve made it easier for you to submit your ad online. First, select your ad based on ad size – Full page, half page, etc. and then purchase your ad.  Next comes the “let’s make this easier” part. We’ve created a form that asks for you name, email address & then two boxes that you fill in. The first is where you’ll  enter your ad text. We’ve limited the number of words to 500 and that’s a LOT. Place your Ad content in the AD TEXT box. As an example:

HEADLINE: Good Luck to All in 2019

Photo here

AD Text: We send best wishes at the Tucson AZ 2019 National Specialty to all. Have fun in the desert!

Kennel Name & my information:

Wonderful Basenjis
John Doe
123 Main Street
Any City, State, 85085

Next comes the INSTRUCTIONS box. Here’s where you let us know what you want your ad to look like. As an example: “Please center everything with my ad. Make the photo as large as possible. I’d like my kennel name to be a little larger than my address. If you’d like to add some cactus graphics to my ad, that would be great!”

Send Catalog Ad Photos & Files with a Button Push

Then comes the best part – upload your Ad Photo and/or Text. Click the Browse files button & pick the file you want to upload. You can upload more than one file. Using our example above, John Doe can upload his photo and a sketch of want he want his ad to look like. If you’ve created your ad layout, you can upload your camera ready layout. Do know PDF  files work best for completed layouts. File size is something to keep in mind & upload size is pretty generous – 1 MG per file. However, if your file size is too large, you may need to reduce the file size to upload.

Catalog Ad Submission Options

If you prefer, you can send your ad copy & image to our Catalog Ad chairman via a separate email & we have an email link in place for you to do so. Want to send your ad materials in via USPS mail? Certainly. You can submit your ad that way too. Addresses are published in the Catalog Ad box on the Shop web page. We do ask you to send your Ad Materials & payment to the addresses listed. Our Catalog Ad chairman only needs your ad materials and payment for your ad goes to the National Specialty Treasurer.

We hope we made it much easier for you to submit your Specialty Catalog Ad in. Can’t wait to see your ad in the pages of the Specialty catalog!

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Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Tucson, AZ for the 2019 National Specialty. See you in November!