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Are We Doing This?

The Specialty is only 6 months away and Covid-19 has certainly made planning for anything in our lives uncertain. And what of our Specialty?

We’re planning for the future. That includes keeping our dates intact & going forward. In six months, or even next week, things could change. And if they do, will certainly let everyone now.

But as for now? We’re doing this!

 Looking Ahead

We will be posting new information on the website within the next few weeks. We ask you to be patient and give us a little time to post all the information you need to plan your week in Texas.

Right now you probably have questions, and we will be posting as quickly as possible to answer them all. Please check our website frequently for updated information.

As soon as we know something, we will share on this site. The top menu will be growing as we add pages with all the facts you need. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, that means we’ve just not completed all information yet.

We write important updates – just like this one – and they are always on our home page. Always check the latest to learn what’s new.

During this time, we hope you and your families are staying safe. We want to see everyone smiling in October!



Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page to get notification in your Facebook feed every time we make an Update. We promise to keep you updated in the upcoming weeks!  And, do bookmark our web page & come visit often to see what’s new.

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Mesquite, TX for the 2020 National Specialty. See you soon!