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Change of Location to Purina Farms in MO

We thank you for your patience during this trying time of rescheduling a National Specialty in short order. The location of the 2020 National Specialty has been changed to Gray Summit, MO at the Purina Farms location.

It will be an outdoor show only with indoor emergency / hazardous weather option. Considering an array of challenges at this time, we have determined it best to shorten time and events that will be taking place. Below is the TENTATIVE schedule that we have arrived at:

Saturday, October 17th – Coursing and Possible Racing
Sunday, October 18th – Coursing and Possible Racing
Monday, October 19th – Sweeps / African Match / Evening Events
Tuesday, October 20th – Conformation / Evening Events
Wednesday, October 21st – Conformation Concludes

Performance Events

Obedience, Rally, Agility will not be offered due to the logistics of holding these events outdoors, and the uncertainly of being to move indoors in the event of an emergency / hazardous weather. 

During this time, we hope you and your families are safe. We want to see everyone smiling in October!



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Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Mesquite, TX for the 2020 National Specialty. See you soon!