National Specialty Checklist

Do you use a checklist to organize yourself to get everything you need to do when planning for a big event? If the answer is yes, have you made your “coming to the National Specialty in Tucson” checklist yet?  If not, here’s one to get you started, complete with links help you get the tasks all done with time to spare!

Make Reservations:

 Make My “Stay in Tucson” Reservations – Get A Room!
 RSVP for the FREE Welcome Reception – Send RSVP now!
 Make my Banquet Reservation – Reserve now!
 Get Preferred Grooming Space with guaranteed shade – Reserve now!


 My Catalog Ad – Place one now!
 Logo Gear because I NEED those shirts & hoodies – Buy Now!

Lend A Hand:

 Sponsor a Trophy – Sponsor Now!
 Donate to the Auction – Donate Now!
 Volunteer at the Lure Trial – Sign up!

Make My Entries:

 Lure Trial Entry –  Enter Now!
 JC Test Entry –  Enter Now!
 Kennel / Breeder Stakes Entry – Enter Now!

Coming Up

 Specialty Entry –  Enter Soon!
 ASE Entry – Enter Soon!
 Agility Trial – Enter Soon!


Checklist Tips

For most events, you will be able to get things done via our online Entry Forms & pay for your reservations & entries straight from the website. The AKC Lure Coursing Trial / JC Test and the African Stock Exhibition are definitely website & user friendly. For everything else, there’s a form we’re asking you to complete so your information goes directly to those who need to know to plan the events in Tucson.

Another thing – please download Premium Lists & read them so you know all about any competition you enter.  There is a lot of information here on the website, but there’s more you need to know & that’s all included in the Premium Lists.

We’ve worked hard to make Entry Forms as simple and friendly as possible. All you need to do is type the information the form asks for, follow the instructions & you’re good to go! Do note that signatures on our forms are digital & you agree that the digital signature is your authorized signature.

Need More Checklists?

You’re on your own! Check our Schedule so you don’t miss a thing. Planning & packing for your trip to Arizona? Do check weather forecast before you travel & plan accordingly.

We probably don’t need to add to be sure to include a basenji or two when you come to Tuscon. We’re confident that you don’t need a checklist to remember to bring them!

Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page to get notification in your Facebook feed every time we make an Update. We promise to keep you updated in the upcoming months!  And, do bookmark our web page & come visit often to see what’s new. Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Tucson, AZ for the 2019 National Specialty. See you in November!