Pickin’ & Grinnin’ in Tennessee!

Basenji National Specialty 2021

October 11 – 14  |  Lebanon, Tennessee

Basenji National Specialty 2021

October 11 – 14  |  Lebanon, Tennessee

We promised more info for you about the upcoming Specialty in Lebanon, TN and with the new month, we’re delivering!

So What’s New ?

We’ve added pages & items to pages that were here but not yet ready to go. Here’s a rundown of what to now find:

The Auction Page

The Annual Auction is a high point of the National Specialty and held after the Specialty Banquet. It is scheduled for Wednesday October 12th, 2021. We’re encouraging you to donate wonderful items to be auctioned to the highest bidder.

To make it easier for all, we’ve published the Auction Donation Information & Form and asking you to please let us know what you’re donating by completing our Donation Form. And, we’d love to show your Auction Items on the web page and you can upload a photo of your item via the Donation form. We promise to post photos as soon as we get them!

The Shop Page

The Shop is open for you to make reservations & more in the upcoming weeks. You’ll be able to pay for your purchases with any Debit or Credit Card via PayPal.  And no, you do NOT need a PayPal account at all. 

When you use the Shopping Cart, you can make corrections in the shopping cart at any time before checking out.  We ask you to please make sure your order is correct before you pay online.  

Right now, the only offering available is for making Banquet Reservations but that’s pretty important! We’ll be adding more shop items soon so keep a watch on that page. 

More Info Coming Soon

We know there’s more you want to know and as soon as information is confirmed, we’ll make it available for you. Thank you so much for your patience & here’s to seeing you in Tennessee!


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Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Lebanon, TN for the 2021 National Specialty. See you soon!