Health Seminar


Color Genetics & Genetic Diversity

Dayna Greger PhD
Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Dreger will discuss the most recent understanding of dog color genetics, as they function across breeds, but specifically related to Basenjis. She will share new findings on the measurable genetic ancestry of the Basenji, and the current measures of genetic diversity of the breed. She will outline current research projects and detail how the Basenji can contribute to our understanding of spine development and neurological health in dogs.

Dayna Dreger, PhD is a canine geneticist at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her graduate studies with Dr. Sheila Schmutz, a forerunner of canine pigmentation genetics,at the University of Saskatchewan. She then studied under Dr. Elaine Ostrander, a distinguished investigator and preeminent leader in the field of dog genetic research. Presently in the lab of Dr. Kari Ekenstedt, she is involved in research to identify causal genetic variants and risk factors associated with a range of dog traits, including skeletal malformations, breed relatedness,and ocular diseases. Herself an avid dog owner, trainer,competitor, and judge, she is in a unique position to merge the insights and knowledge of the vast community of dog enthusiasts with advanced research methodologies. As such, she is equally committed to bringing the science back to the people that will use it,presenting seminars on relevant breed-specific findings to breed and kennel clubs across the US and Canada.

Dr. Dreger will offer the chance for our members to contribute our dogs’ DNA samples, at no charge, to help further research that directly impacts our breed. 

Collections of either blood or buccal swabs will be taken after the seminar. We we will have a very competent vet tech assisting the doctor to collect samples. You can download the Purdue University Basenji Forms that will need to be completed for each dog that will have samples collected.

There is no charge for the Seminar but we’d like to know how many may be attending & having samples collected so we can have enough supplies on hand. Please complete the form if you plan on attending. Thanks!