We’ve been busy, planning the upcoming Basenji National Specialty 2019 in Tucson, and the website is growing.  Many pages have been added & updated.  We know there’s more to add, but pretty happy to share what’s going on now.

New Information On The Website

We’ve published the Contacts page, which tells you who to contact regarding the Specialty Committees and events. Click on a name to contact any of the great folks working hard on the Specialty. We’ve also opened our Shop and have two pages there – the Reservation / Logo Gear and the Entries page. We know there’s not much there now, and you can’t make entries yet. You CAN make your Banquet reservations starting now.

We’ve added more helpful information to the Schedule page too. Big reveal? For those wondering if there will be food on the show site, the answer is yes. Find out on the Schedule page!

Can’t forget about the Trophy page. We’ve updated that too. You can now sponsor a trophy and pay via PayPal online. Plus we’ve added a form to complete & a method for those who prefer to pay via check or money order. Trophies are still available – please consider sponsoring one today! If you have any questions about donating a trophy, please contact Martha Wilks, Trophy Chairman. She will be happy to help you.


Because information changes, please do read our Updates to learn what’s new, what’s changed and what’s important to know. We’ve now placed Updates right on the Specialty home page because they’re really worth a look.

Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page to get notification in your Facebook feed every time we make an Update. We promise to keep you updated in the upcoming months!  And, do bookmark our web page & come visit often to see what’s new.

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Tucson, AZ for the 2019 National Specialty. See you in November!